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    Kraftform Kompakt 50
    Telescopic blade model
    Kraftform Kompakt 50
    Equipped with bayonet blade.
    The bayonet blade - that can be lowered into the handle - together with the Rapidaptor technology allow fast manual operation even in the tightest spots when the blade is retracted. The bayonet blade can be extended out of the handle by simply pushing the clamping sleeve and the compact tool can now be used as a full-sized screwdriver.
    The unlocking mechanism is audibly and noticeably triggered when the clamping sleeve is once again pressed with a little force. The bayonet blade can be removed and used as a power tool adaptor or be returned to its original position.
    Kraftform Kompakt 50

    14-piece set
    1 Kraftform bitholding screwdriver 817 R with telescopic blade and quick-release chuck Rapidaptor