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    Impact Driver Series
    The double-curved design loosens almost every screw connection

    It has to be possible that even the most seized screw can be loosened. Impact drivers are the solution whenever manual power is insufficient and a pneumatic screwdriver is not to hand. The Wera impact drivers have a particularly high efficiency thanks to their robust double-curved design.

    Impact forces are converted into rotary motion and so there is no need for the use of pneumatic appliances. 

    2090/17 Impact driver set

    17-piece set; in a surface-preserving, compact and extremely robust textile box; low volume and weight for simplified mobility
    1x 2090 impact driver 90 Nm, 5/16" hexagon socket; 1 adaptor 5/16" external hexagon/ 3/8" external square, 1 adaptor 5/16" external hexagon/ 1/2" external square, 14 bits
    2090 Impact driver 90 Nm
    Application: Screws M 4 - M 8
    Output: 5/16" hexagon socket